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U11/10 Cup Rules 2014-15


Both teams have a responsibility to get their match arranged and should make contact to ensure the match is played prior to the limit date.  This is especially important in the early rounds. In all rounds (including the final) the home team has the responsibility of staging the fixture and providing a suitable pitch (which can be at their school) for 7 a side football, the match ball and the referee. In the case of a colour clash, the away team has the colour preference. This is a mid-week competition but teams can mutually agree to play on Saturday, if they so wish. The County Competition takes priority over local Competitions.



Ages are calculated at midnight August 31st/1st September at the start of each school year.  Boys and girls are both eligible.



A squad consists of ten players of which seven are playing at any time.  Players once substituted may return to the pitch, as a substitute, at any time, with the referee’s permission (i.e rolling subs).



All matches to use a size 4 football provided by the home team.



Under 11/10 (Year 6 and 5 only) ... 25 minutes each way

Under 11 Girls (Year 6 and 5 only)….20 minutes each way

If teams are level after normal time, extra time to be played (5 minutes each way).  If the scores are still level after extra time, penalties will be used to decide the winners.  Both teams to take 5 penalties and if still level then sudden death.  Only the seven players on the field at the end of extra time to take penalties. 



Normal mini-soccer rules to apply (no offside etc); players must wear shin pads.



It is the home teams responsibility to provide a suitable referee.



H.S.F.A.will provide 10 mementos to both finalists – extra mementos can be ordered if required.



Both schools should email the results to Giorgio Colombi at  as soon as possible after the match, so that the next round can be organised and circulated.  Obviously, unplayed matches do complicate the draw for the next round.  Teams responsible for not playing before the limit date may be removed from the competition.


Leaving your match to very near the limit date can cause problems particularly if bad weather intervenes. Arrange it as early as possible and that gives scope for rearrangements.  It is not fair on schools which are up-to-date to have to wait for those holding up the competition.  If there is a problem fixing a date with your opponents (e.g. residential visits), the sooner I know then the sooner I can help. 

Matches should only be arranged after the limit date by prior consultation with me.


If you have any queries, please consult me on  (home tel: 023 92 839 656;   Mobile 07857 680 533).

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