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Players must attend a school affiliated to the Association.   The age qualification is decided at midnight on 31st August/1st Sept.  Boys are eligible to play in the following competition as follows:-

  • Under 11 Students in Year 6 are eligible  

  • Under 13 Students in Year 8 are eligible  

  • Under 14 Students in Year 9 are eligible  

  • Under 15 Students in Year 10 are eligible



Affiliated Associations must give priority at all times (with the exception of ESFA Competitions) to HSFA Competitions.



  • Under 11s:   Presidents Shield & Stokes Shield: 25 mins each way, 7 mins each way extra time in knock-out matches and penalties, if required.     

  • Under 13s:   U13 Trophy & MAH Cup: 35 mins each way, 7 mins each way extra time in knock-out matches and penalties, if required     

  • Under 14s:   Mayes Trophy & Hughes Shield: 35 mins each way, 10 mins each way extra time in knock-out matches and penalties, if required.     

  • Under 15s: Charlton Cup & Pickford Shield: 40 mins each way,10 mins each way extra time in knock-out matches and penalties, if required.



The home team is responsible for the match ball(s) in all matches; for matches played on neutral grounds both teams shall provide the referee with a ball suitable for the match.


  • Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 14s use a size 4

  • Under 15s a size 5.



The home side shall provide a referee and two assistants for their matches.  If they are unable to provide both assistants, then they should notify their opponents no later than 72 hours before kick off so that they may provide an assistant.  The match officials should be dressed for the part that they intend to take in the match. Local referee appointment secretaries must be contacted to appoint officials for Under 15 competitive matches. They will do so if approached in good time.


(i)  Matches to be played on Saturday morning unless mutually agreed by both Associations. (Please respect the ‘return time” for travelling players and remember if we start playing games midweek we will loose our “Saturday slot” which we may not get back)


(ii)  No league match shall count as both the home and away fixture in the Charlton, Mayes, U13 or Presidents League. 

(iii) Associations should be ready to start playing their fixtures on the second Saturday in September. A fixture list for the whole season will be issued to Associations no later than 31 August.

(iv) All match arrangements should be confirmed at least 7 days prior to the match.  Secretary to be included in email messages between competing Associations.

(v) Any matches called off less than 48 hours prior to the kick off time must be notified to the Secretary in writing. The side calling off the fixture may be liable to costs which will be dealt with by the Management Committee if deemed appropriate. A new date for the match must be agreed at the time of postponement.

(Only genuine reasons please not because you cannot put out your best side with your star players!)

(vi) All competitions matches can be played on 3G surfaces, which have been approved by the FA.

(vi) It would be appreciated if First/last name and School of all members of each District side could be submitted to the Secretary by the second Saturday in September.

(vii) Associations who have not fulfilled more than 50% of their fixtures by the 31st December will be removed from the individual competition unless there is a genuine reason for the non-fulfilment of fixtures. In this eventuality the Secretary would have received correspondence to explain the problems prior to the 31st December The Management Committee will take the decision to exclude the Association team and instruct the Secretary to issue a revised set of fixtures.

(viii) Boys who attend Academies can be selected by Associations for all District competitions and be selected to play for the County sides.


(ix) Games can only be conceded by agreement with both Associations and the Secretary, but points only can be awarded, not goals, as per FA regulations. 

(x) If a match is postponed for any reason both Associations MUST within 7 days of the date of the match rearrange the fixture for another date. The Secretary must be copied in any correspondence.



The limit date for the Presidents Cup, Mayes Trophy, Under 13 League and Charlton Cup shall be 30th April each year. The Pickford Shield, Hughes Shield, Under 13 Cup and Stokes Shield matches to be played on the programmed date (or before by mutual agreement). The only reason for not meeting the above dates will be the pitch unfit, due to weather or the involvement of one of the teams in E.S.F.A. matches within 3 days.  Failure of one or both teams to meet these dates may result in the match being decided by the Management Committee.



The dates for the Michael Austin Harlick Cup. Hughes Shield and Pickford Shield Cup finals will be agreed by the end of the Spring term, Any disagreement will be referred to the Management Committee who will then make the final decision. Finalists for these competitions will be concluded by the second Saturday in March ie semi finals will have been played by that date.



Teams are permitted to use five named substitutes. Substitution of players may be in the form of 'repeated substitutes' where players substituted then become substitutes and may replace another player in the usual way. No agreements to play more than 5 Substitutes much be made in any competitive fixture especially in the final of one of the knockout competitions. This rule applies in 9 – a – side matches. 11. MEMENTOS   The Association will provide 16 or 14 (9 – a – side) mementos per team per Final or League winner, as appropriate. Associations may purchase additional mementos at their own cost but must make this request in writing to the Secretary no later than 10 days before the final together with payment.

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