Hampshire County Cup Football Draw 2016-17


Send all results to all 4 email addresses below please:-








General rules reminder – please read carefully!


Ball Size U12-U14 Size 4, U15-U16 Size 5.


Match Duration U12 25-30 minutes each way, U13 30-35 minutes each way, U14-U15 35 minutes each way, U16 40 minutes each way.


All ties should be settled on the day, with extra time and penalties, this should be agreed by both schools before kick-off.


Please do your best to organise a neutral referee for the game, especially from quarter-final stage onwards.  Under NO circumstances should the referee coach and manage whilst officiating.  


Boys may ONLY play in their OWN age group, they can NOT play up a year in ANY circumstances, if you do this you will be REMOVED from the competition, there will be NO appeal, this is a directive from the FA so please do NOT break this rule.


It is the responsibility of the winning school to engrave appropriately the schools name and year of winning the competition.  Furthermore the winning school needs to return the trophy by 01 March 2017 to Mr G Cousins, Salesian College, Reading Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6PA.  If posting the trophy it should be packaged appropriately and sent via recorded mail.  It may be possible to collect the trophy in some circumstances, but please be aware of this rule.


Both schools should EMAIL in the result of the fixture, the day of the match ideally, if not first thing the day after.  The deadlines are in place to ensure the competition runs smoothly, so please adhere to them.  Under NO circumstances agree to play after the deadline without an agreement from myself as competition organiser.  Please keep full documentation via email trail of any correspondence to show proactivity in trying to organise a game within schedule.  It is very important we hit the first two deadlines when in theory the pitches should be in good order and hopefully no waterlogging issues to deal with in September and October!


Last year’s competition was excellent and the deadlines and game playing was the best I have seen in recent years; so let’s look to do this for the 2016-2017 season!


Best wishes and thanks