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Girls Cup Rules

STRAIGHT KNOCK-OUT COMPETITIONS OPEN TO GIRLS TEAMS                                                           

Under 16s & Under 13s to be completed by end of December.                                       

Under 14s to be played during the Easter term to avoid clashes with the Under 13s. 


Under 16s   40 minutes each way, 10 minutes each way extra time & penalties if required.                                                                                                  Under 14s & Under 13s   35 minutes each way,   7 minutes each way extra time & penalties if required.


AGE GROUPINGS                                                                                                                                   

Under 16s   Over 14 years and under 16 on 31st Aug/1st Sept 2012 (Normal Yr 10 & 11 only)                       

Under 14s   Over 12 years and under 14 on 31st Aug/1st Sept 2012 (Normal Yr 9 & 8 only)

Under 13s   Over 11 years and under 13 on 31st Aug/1st Sept 2012 (Normal Yr 8 & 7 only)


Under 16s    Size 5 football to be used       Under 14s & 13s    Size 4 football to be used


All age groups to use squads up to16 players for each game, including 5 named substitutes. Substitutions of players  may be in the form of  repeated substitutes and players substituted then become substitutes and may replace another player in the usual way.



The home team should contact their opponents as soon as they are known and suggest 3 dates before the limit date.  However both teams take responsibility to get the match played within the limit date, so if the visitors do not hear from the home team, then they should also make contact.  Play as soon as possible so that if bad weather interferes then the match can be re-arranged within the prescribed time.                                                  


Teams failing to meet the deadlines could find themselves withdrawn from the competition.   If you are experiencing problems playing the match then please contact me to inform me that the match will be played after the limit date                                                     

Neutral referees should be used whenever possible in rounds1 & 2 – however they must be used in the Semi Finals and Finals.

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